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Knowledge of the new urban rhythms which begin to dance our streets and pop dance floors in full dawn, mixing them without collision with mainstreams electronic sounds, those that work best on the dance floors of half the planet, it is the specialty of this DJ, broadcaster and radio producer named Jhose Angel.

His sessions are charged with positive energy, is able to capture just what is required at every moment to make the session stays up and not to relax even for a moment, which in turn is the most important and valuable of a DJ.

He is considered without doubt one of the most popular emerging Djs who was nominated as "best Spanish DJ" and "best electro/dance artist" on the recognized VICIOUS MUSIC AWARDS.

His energetic 4 CD sessions made him play during his career in some of the world's leading clubs


With no boundaries in his repertorie,

Deejay Cruz combines an open minded for music with a professional dj-ing ability to mix.


Daniel Murillo has been dedicating a part of his life to electronic music.
Playing in the clubs and producing in the studio, his style is nationally known, his beats give pure ecstasy and his career in the music business follows the fast tempo of his songs

International artist in constant evolution.

He defines his style with a mix of house, electro, dust and dance sounds with powerfull rythms and strident sounds mixed with the talent of a top artist.

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