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Deejay Cruz

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With no boundaries in his repertoire,

Deejay Cruz combines an open minded love for music with a professional Dj-ing ability.


More then 10 Years of experience in the night scene makes Cruz able to dive into multiple genres, while throwing in a touch of turntablism. This “open format” style truly gives him the ability to entertain any crowd. With undeniable style, a unique personality and creative mixes. Cruz is sure to take his audiences somewhere special on any given night.


Over the years Cruz definitely paid his dues, hustling DJ-gigs in the most famous clubs, mixing for Dance-Schools, making guest appearances on various radio mix shows, putting together mixtapes, producing Bootlegs and even working as a sound-engineer for movie productions. You will always find a sweet variation of music genres in his dj-sets, with an unique crowd controlling skills an explosive combination that guaranteed to rock any audiences.    |    Download Press Kit



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