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Nuno N. Bi

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We may be talking about one of the best producers of recent times in the country. With over 20 years of experience, this Dj of Cape Verdean origin residing in the city of Madrid, is a comprehensive producer who plays absolutely all musical styles from what is heard today. His productions range from House, Future House, EDM through the RnB, Hip Hop & Trap, and also having productions of Reggae and Latin songs with his group Big Flow and Henry Mendez.


His sessions are charged with positive energy, is able to catch just what is required at all time for the music set to stays up and not to relax even for a moment, which in turn is the most important and valuable of a DJ.

Has gone through many popular sessions in Madrid, as Kiara, Moon, The Box in Kapital, Diamond (by Supermartxe) in New Garamond, Crazy at Joy Slava, Fun Combat at Serrano 41, Otto Sud in Tarragona ... or "F * ck Me I'm Famous" one of the most famous parties of Ibiza with David Guetta, at Opium, Madrid.


It has been in clubs like Shoko Madrid, Shoko Barcelona, Pacha Las Palmas, Nicky Beach, La Riviera. Besides being preparing the assault on Ibiza through several sessions that have already contacted for next summer. In addition to the Platinum room in Warsaw (Poland) and Miami Beach Club in Marseille.

It is the main producer of the central song of “Gandia Shore” MTV productions reality show, "Celebrate" . Producer of "La mano arriba" and "La Ocasión" of his group Big Flow with which he was ranked number 1 in sales in the iTunes store with several million views on Spotify and Youtube, and is currently tune of several national programs such as "El Chiringuito de Jugones".


It is breaking the charts in South America with its variant Big Flow in Portuguese, being number one in the Latin American giant Brazil.

He has shared the stage with artists such as Daddy Yankee, Gente de Zona, Henry Mendez and Fatman Scoop ...


He is currently DJ / promoter at Capricce, Opium Madrid, of which he is the musical director, and is currently putting the capital upside down every wednesday since they started, the only recognizable sign for style that is filling each week thanks to his fantastic contribution. Besides being a DJ / resident Sett Club in Brussels.    |    Download Press Kit



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